Hibernation Emergings & Backyard Herbalism

In our home, winter is a time of rest and hibernation. Days filled with good food, books, vinyl records, scarves, blankets, and leaving the house minimally to go to work or to an indoor farmers market. They are also days for dreaming and planning.


Wintertime Dreaming Necessities.

Wintertime dreaming necessities.

And then spring comes and the ideas burst forth like the chickweed and dandelions in our gardens. The winter dreamings now require action. It is always an exciting time, welcoming back the plants, digging through the garden bed cover to find the tiniest of sprouts that will grow into out seasonal medicine.

dandelion and bee

It is also a time of intensity- the sunlight grows brighter and longer, the birds sing louder, the gardens need tending and woken up from their winter dormancy, and one day, while your mind is still trying to clear out the snowflake filled mental cobwebs, you look around and EVERYWHERE there is medicine to make!

Lilac and Arkansas Quartz Essence.

Lilac and Arkansas quartz essence.

This spring there are two projects pulling Moontree Apothecaries out of the Deep Winter.

The first is an offering a friend and I dreamed up some time ago. She and her family are amazing farmers on the most idyllic Western North Carolina farm, Ivy Creek Family Farm. Truly, there is not a single green think that can compare with the taste of their spinach! Our dreaming led us to this offering:

class ad


The second project that helped stir things into spring is our new line of hand knotted stone Wheel of the Year Necklaces. When observing nature, each turn around the sun can be marked by 8 Holy Days- Spring Equinox, Beltane, Summer Solstice, Lammas, Autumn Equinox, Samhain, Winter Solstice, and Imbolc.

Beltane Peach Moonstone Wheel of the Year Necklace.

Beltane Peach Moonstone Wheel of the Year Necklace.


Each of theses markings on the wheel has it’s own energy. These energies are especially significant for women. In recognizing the energy of the time of year and aligning ourselves with it, our psyches can rest in knowing our internal cycles are aligned with the natural world. What a relief when we recognize that our overwhelmedness in mid-July is reflected in Summer Solstice energy! And that our fragileness of mid-winter is aligned with Imbolc.

The creations that came out of my studies of the Wheel of the Year and women’s psychology around the Wheel created a deep Desire (Beltane energy!) to create tools that women could use to help align with that energy.

Amazonite and Apophyllite.

Amazonite and Apophyllite.

The world we live in is hectic, loud, and distracting. Wheel of the Year necklaces provide an anchor into the energy of the deeper happenings in the natural world.

Peach Moonstone.

Peach Moonstone.

Starting with amazonite for spring equinox, and ending with Imbolc, each mark on the Wheel will offer a new stone to connect with. There will also be a few surprise archetype offerings including two of my personal favorites, Crone and Mermaid!

Spring Equinox Amazonite Wheel of the Year Necklace.

Spring Equinox Amazonite Wheel of the Year Necklace.

Spring Equinox and Beltane necklaces are now available in the Etsy shop. Summer Solstice coming soon!


Gathering in a Hurricane

SEWWHC 2015 (7)

This Autumn, Moontree Apothecaries was a part of the shimmering gathering of the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference. For months, medicine pieces were created. Plant, stone, and critters came together to form creations for women to work with.

SEWWHC 2015 (14)

Build your own Apothecary Necklaces for those who want to choose the pieces they work with.

While each is created, it is known that it is a piece of magical medicine destined for a new home, a new woman to work with.

SEWWHC 2015 (3)

Plant, stone, and critter medicine creations.

SEWWHC 2015 (4)

Many pieces were able to find their way through hurricane arms to the women they were meant to work with. Many other pieces met the women who wanted to work with them but due to ever changing weather circumstances, were not able to leave with those women.


Limited Edition Mountain Magic Medley necklace and stone elixir set can be found in the shop.

If you met a medicine piece that was meant for you, please look in the shop and see if it is there, waiting to work with you. And if you don’t see it, check back in a few days, as these lovelies are still trickling into the shop over the next week.

SEWWHC 2015 (9)

Lovelies making their way to the shop.

I know it can be easy to glamorize the past and I have been known to get lost in my own imagination many many times dreaming of times I may have never seen except in pictures and daydreams. But at times, one can feel that they are participating in something that has happened for countless generations, throughout time. Women, travelling in wagons from the furthest reaches of land, share medicine. They gather, teach, learn, walk through the woods together, meet under tents, barter, trade, sell, sing, cry, howl, and heal. Some have been there since the beginning and new women are always drawn to the gathering. In movies there is often a shimmering portal that one walks through to enter other lands, other ways of being. We are drawn by a shimmering lake into another world unto itself.

SEWWHC 2015 (2)

Packing the wagon.

SEWWHC 2015 (6)

The packed modern day travelling wagon.










As wagons were packed, the most distinguished and recognizable guest was announced, Mother Nature herself.

SEWWHC 2015 (5)

Day 1 of new rain boots purchased just for the occasion.

For six years I have been drawn to the gathering and never has Mother Nature been so present as teacher and healer. The outstretched arms of her hurricane brought rain- mists, drizzles, downpours, puddles so deep the ducks were swimming on land. Winds arrived from all directions and sucked, and pulled, and pushed tents and gathering sites. 


SEWWHC 2015 (11)

The Wind.

Where the water and land met, they embraced to make all forms of mud- slippery, sticky, thin, thick, watery, suctioning mud that made one prove their determination to travel and enter tents to sit at the feet of their teachers.

SEWWHC 2015 (13)

The Mud. Day 2 rain boots and tent floor.

SEWWHC 2015 (10)

The Unstoppable Mud. Day 3 rain boots, tent floor, and attempts to keep boots from getting sucked into the Earth!


And yet, the women gathered, learned, shared, traded, cried, laughed, and worked along their spirals of personal and collective healing.

Each woman had lessons to learn from the gathering and the most prominent teacher in attendance. So many lessons. Getting pulled into the mud, rain, and wind. Going deep and coming out stronger.

SEWWHC 2015 (8)


So if you met a piece and have been looking for it, or want to take a peek at what was in the Moontree Apothecaries tent, take a look in the shop and see what is looking for a new woman to work with.

Summer Creations

The summer has been spent creating pieces to connect others with their medicine.

dragonfly wings found in the woods & sea glass.

dragonfly wings found in the woods & sea glass.

I was gifted with getting to know lots of new stone, plant, and animal medicine.

dandelion seeds & selenite

dandelion seeds & selenite

The creations shown here will all travel with me to the Southeast Wise Women Herbal Conference in a few weeks and leave my world to go work with other women.

moth wings found on trail in the woods

moth wings found on a trail in the woods

butterfly wing from the garden & mica from the mountains

butterfly wing from the garden & mica from the mountains

And perhaps after that, during the Inward Time, I may actually post more Moontree Apothecary happenings here. Or, perhaps I will continue to avoid the computer in order to wander around the yard, watching and gathering ….

stone chip necklaces

stone chip necklaces


Summer green abounds with lovely Rumex crispus!

In all the wonderful blissful green of late spring and early summer, it is so easy to get lost in the gardens and not pay a single bit of attention to technology. Perhaps that is exactly how it should be.  Updates in all virtual realms have been nonexistent as we weed gardens, encourage tomatoes to grow, and take daily walks around the land we have been trusted to steward to see what new green faces have emerged.


Echinacea purpurea in all her blooming stages.

Seasonal Celebration Bundles have been on the Moontree Apothecaries to do list for months, and now, the first one has bloomed in perfect timing with our grandmother lavender plant (she is quite ancient and crone-like in the most exquisite ways!).  The SUMMER edition is here, with EARLY AUTUMN and LATE AUTUMN in the works. You can purchase yours in the shop.


Summer Celebration Bundle

lavender hematite beeswax candle

lavender, hematite, and a beeswax candle

SUMMER bundles include the most fragrant lavender, wonderfully heavy/grounding hematite (that was cleansed under a lavender plant through many late spring lightening storms~ extra magical!), a beeswax candle made from hardworking bees in WNC, and a lovely set of pages written to help you drift into another time and experience the fullness of summer.

hematite cleansing

Hematite cleansing

A preview of this creation:

Seasons mark changes in nature, but also changes within us. Each season has its own reasons to celebrate, challenges, and emotions (both good and bad) that come with it. Seasonal Celebration Bundles are created to assist you in taking a moment to acknowledge and tune in to where we are in our journey around the sun.

Summer is about the abundance all around us. We spend our time closer to nature and celebrate things like fireflies, swimming, and watermelon. Amongst all the social events, creative ideas, gardens that need weeded, and produce that needs tended to, a feeling of overwhelmedness often sets in. Our senses are full. Our calendars are full. Our gardens are full. And all the while a voice inside of us is asking us to slow down, be still, and watch the flowers bloom, the fireflies dance.

Spending time with hematite and lavender brings us back to a sweet still space while summer swirls around us.

If you are feeling called to work with lavender, hematite, and beeswax, head over to the shop so we can connect you with these wonderful busy season allies!


Moontree Apothecaries creations keep people connected to the plants, stones, and animals they hold dear.

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